Singer says immediate breast reconstruction was the right choice for her

Monday, January 23, 2012

For most women, having a mastectomy is traumatic experience, regardless of whether they plan to pursue a breast reconstruction afterward. As singer Victoria Bordner recently explained to Ivanhoe Newswire, the removal of her breast left her scarred, both mentally and physically.

"Nothing prepares you for seeing your body like that," she told the news source.

As the lead singer, manager, booking agent and promoter at the Columbus, Ohio-area venue Soul Kitch'n, Bordner is used to being in the public eye. However, around the time of her mastectomy, she had difficulty knowing how to handle the changes that figure had undergone.

For three months following the procedure, Bordner wore a prosthetic breast. Then, after investigating her options in depth, she decided to have a breast reconstruction.

Bordner told the news source that she's glad she made the effort to look into her surgical options, since many women aren't informed of the availability of immediate breast reconstruction options during their pre-mastectomy consultation.

Had she been aware that she could have gotten her breast reconstructed sooner, she might have opted to do so. Dr. Michael Miller, a plastic surgery expert at Ohio State University, told Ivanhoe that on a national level, "it's very important that we improve that awareness."

He added that one of the benefits of immediate breast reconstruction is the psychological relief that it can provide. "The woman never has to go through a time where she has no breast," Miller said, indicating that such a quick transition can help facilitate emotional healing.

Bordner is certainly happy with the results of her reconstruction. "Frankly, I ended up looking better than I did before I had the cancer," she told the news source.

Typically, women with relatively localized breast cancer are the best candidates for an immediate breast reconstruction, according to the American Cancer Society.


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